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Spotted on London Underground: Mooncup

Have you been travelling on the London Underground recently? You may have spotted our brand-new campaign!

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Love letters to Mooncup

Picture this: you’re standing on a platform, waiting for your train, and you spot a poster and start reading — it’s a break-up letter from a vagina to a tampon. Yes, you read that right. “Dear tampon, there is no easy way to tell you this… it is over. I am breaking up with you.”

From a full page break-up letter to a bride wearing her Mooncup® on her wedding day, our new campaign has stopped Tube passengers in their tracks as they read the real-life testimonials that inspired the campaign.

Read the stories behind the posters here...


Eva wore her Mooncup® under her white wedding dress. She later told us “it was the second heaviest day and I danced until the morning. And yes still the best terms with my cup!”

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Fran tackled her ultra marathon on her period wearing her Mooncup® Beginner the whole way around.

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Libby broke up with her tampons and wrote the most amazing break up letter. She’s now in a beautiful relationship with her Mooncup®!

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According to Ashley, her Mooncup® Beginner is so good she forgets she’s on her period.

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You know the feeling she’s talking about. No longer a problem with our breathable organic cotton.

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After trying our organic cotton tampons, Grace is no longer dealing with that itchy feeling caused by mainstream period care.

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Happily ever after

We were so inspired by Eva's story, we got a bride of our own.

Head over to our TikTok to watch our Mooncup® bride!

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