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3 Pants Bundle


Get 3 pairs of reusable period pants for £50!

Our organic cotton pants are perfect for long days & nights, and especially those who struggle with tampons, cups or vaginal sensitivities.

Size guide

XS/S - UK Size 6-8 (Hip Size 86-94cm)

S/M - UK Size 10-12 (Hip Size 94-102cm)

M/L - UK Size 12-14 (Hip Size 102-110cm)

L/XL - UK Size 14-16 (Hip Size 110-118cm)

Please note, as these are such intimate items we're unable to offer size swaps or returns.

Reusable Period Pants (Size)



longer wearing

10 hours wear with no leaks


less waste

400 disposables saved from landfill


cheaper periods

£1.16 per period rather than the average £13


Bundle up on your pants!

Get fully stocked up with our unbelievably absorbent reusable period pants.

Day, night and everything in between.

4 tampons worth of absorbency. 10 hour wear. It’s not witchcraft. It’s science.

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Leakproof layer. A waterproof third layer keeps you 100% leak free even if you have a heavy flow.
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3D anti-leak technology. Our absorbent core is made thinner and absorbent enough for 4 tampons with our unique 3D textile technology.
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180 degree coverage. So you can move however you want to while feeling safe and secure.
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Run your pants under some cold water. This helps make them last for longer.

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Pop your pants on a 40 degree wash with the rest of your laundry. Leave the fabric conditioner in the cupboard.

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Leave your pants to air dry. No tumble drying or ironing as heat can damage the 3D textile technology.

Your questions answered

Period pants or period proof underwear are pretty much what it says on the tin. Reusable period pants work just like normal underwear but with super absorbency powers - absorbing 4 tampons worth of your period so your white jeans don’t have to! Made from 100% organic cotton, they’re hypoallergenic, respectful of the natural pH of your vagina and designed to support you through your period again and again. Just wear, wash & repeat.

Our reusable period pants feature three layers of absorbent organic cotton. Starting from the bottom, an anti-leak under layer for breathable, waterproof protection. In the middle is an absorbent layer made using 3D textile technology. And on top, there’s a hypoallergenic layer that’s kind to your vagina.

No, as our pants are intimate items we are unable to offer returns or swap sizes.

Here's our size guide for our reusable period pants. Please take some time to read this as we're unable to offer size swaps as they're such intimate items.

XS-S – UK Size 6-8 (Hip Size 86-94cm)

S-M – UK Size 10-12 (Hip Size 94-102cm)

M-L – UK Size 12-14 (Hip Size 102-110cm)

L-XL- UK Size 14-16 (Hip Size 110-118cm)

This is our 3 pair bundle, so you get 3 pairs.

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