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Mooncup Campaigns

Our campaigns through the years

For over 20 years, we’ve been pioneering plastic-free periods, challenging outdated norms, and advocating for transparency and empowerment.

From our groundbreaking collaborations to our community-driven initiatives, explore how we’ve turned taboos into talking points and sparked conversations that matter. Dive into the campaigns that have defined our journey and discover the passion and ingenuity behind each one.

Love Letters to Mooncup

From a full page break-up letter to a bride wearing her Mooncup® on her wedding day, our new campaign has stopped Tube passengers in their tracks as they read the real-life testimonials that inspired the campaign.

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Period Drama

In February 2017, we created a Period Drama. With a touch of humour, the film shines a light on the drama of disposable sanitary products, inviting us to leave the past behind and choose another way.

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Tampon vs Mooncup Rap Battle

n 2013, we decided to take the battle to the toilets- our natural habitat! Watch the Mooncup crew take on team Tampon in a rap battle for  periods everywhere.

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Love Your Vagina Song

Our love your vagina poll received so many pet names that you ‘lovingly call yours’ that we wrote a song about it!

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Love Your Vagina Campaign

Whatever you call your vagina, we think it deserves some love. Love your vagina, saw massive, bold, and beautifully designed posters around the London Underground featuring names that some of us use to lovingly describe our vaginas.

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