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Mooncup & Cleaning Pot Bundle


The ultimate combo. Save over 10% when you buy a Mooncup® Cleaning Pot and either a Mooncup® Original or Beginner.

Designed to fit all Mooncup® sizes, our collapsible cleaning pot is made from soft, medical grade silicone. 

Mooncup (Cup)

Mooncup (Size)


Bundle up and save over 10%

Say hello to the ultimate Mooncup starter kit. This dynamic duo includes a Mooncup of your choice and our brand-new cleaning pot.

Choose your Mooncup

There's a Mooncup to suit everyone

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Choose Size A if: if you're aged over 30 and/or have given birth vaginally
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Choose Size B if: if you're aged under 30 and/or have not given birth vaginally
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Choose Size Teen if: if you're aged under 18 (Mooncup Beginner only)
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The Mooncup Cleaning Pot

The Mooncup Cleaning Pot can be used in a number of ways

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In the microwave
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With sterilising solution
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With water to shake & go!
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Your questions answered

The bundle includes one Mooncup and one Cleaning Pot, providing everything you need for a clean, comfortable, and eco-friendly period experience.

Yep! Simply choose the Mooncup type (Beginner or Original) and Size that's best for you!

The Mooncup Satisfaction Guarantee only covers the Mooncup Original and Mooncup Beginner menstrual cups. The Mooncup Cleaning Pot is not included.

The Mooncup® cleaning pot works in 3 ways:

  1. In the microwave
  2. With sterilising solution
  3. With water to shake and go when you’re out and about.

It’s been designed to make cleaning your Mooncup much easier and more convenient and features a compact fold away design.

The Mooncup should be rinsed with water each time you empty it and sterilized in the Cleaning Pot at the end of your cycle. The Cleaning Pot itself should be washed regularly with mild soap and water.

Don't worry! The Mooncup Original and Mooncup Beginner are covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee. Get in touch with our friendly team and they'll happily help you resolve any issues.

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