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Mooncup® Pledge to Inclusivity, Equality & Fairness

Our Core Values

At Mooncup®, we are dedicated to revolutionising period care by eliminating plastic and harmful substances from menstrual products. Our commitment to environmental sustainability and menstrual health drives us to challenge the status quo. Our pledge to inclusivity, equality, and fairness guides every decision we make, fostering an open, fair, and honest environment.

Our Commitment

Inclusivity - We embrace diversity and strive to create an environment where every voice is heard and valued.
Equality - We ensure equal opportunities and resources for all Mooncup® employees, promoting fairness in all aspects of our operations.
Fairness - We uphold the highest standards of integrity, ensuring transparency and fairness in our practices.

We extend our pledge to our customers and community by:
Delivering high-quality products that are both safe and effective.
Offering guidance and education to empower individuals in managing their menstrual health.
Maintaining our commitment to environmental sustainability and advocating for menstrual health awareness.

Our Commitments

Ensuring the Health and Safety of Our Products

High Standards

Mooncup products are crafted with the highest standards in mind.

Safe Materials

The Mooncup menstrual cup is made from soft, medical-grade silicone; latex-free, hypoallergenic, and free from dyes, BPA, phthalates, plastic, bleaches, and toxins.

Gentle Design

Mooncup products are designed to be gentle on the delicate tissues of the vagina and vulva, offering a safe and comfortable alternative to traditional period products.

Organic Cotton

Our 100% cotton period products are made from Soil Association Certified organic cotton, a natural, hypoallergenic, and pH-neutral material.


Mooncup products aim to provide comfort during menstruation for all, regardless of skin colour, sexuality, gender identity, or ability.

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing testing and enhancement ensure the highest quality and safety standards.

Protecting Our Planet

Environmental Stewardship

We focus on minimising our environmental impact through sustainable delivery, packaging and product design practices.

Community Support

We support growers’ communities and uphold the rights of all those involved in production.

Promoting Menstrual Equity


We strive to make menstrual products accessible to everyone.

Charitable Partnerships

By partnering with local and national charities, we strive to eliminate period poverty and ensure that menstruation never hinders anyone's quality of life or opportunities.

Building An Inclusive Community


Our community is diverse and inclusive, celebrating all backgrounds, ages, sexualities, gender identities, and abilities.

Support and Collaboration

We value support, collaboration, teamwork, inspiration, and empowerment.

Ongoing Engagement

Celebrating diversity and inclusivity is at the heart of our business. We remain committed to these values through ongoing community interactions to better understand the needs and challenges of diverse communities.

Inclusive Marketing

Our products and marketing strive to be inclusive of all gender identities, using inclusive language and supporting LGBTQIA+ rights and equality.

Fostering A Diverse And Inclusive Workplace

Welcoming Environment

Promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment for all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Respect and Fairness

Upholding principles of respect, dignity, and fairness in our policies, practices, and culture.

Enhancing Accessibility

Inclusive Products

Ensuring that products and information are accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing efforts to improve accessibility standards.

Upholding High Standards And Certifications

High Standards

As a certified B Corp and member of the Soil Association, we adhere to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Positive Impact

Our certifications reflect our commitment to balancing purpose and profit, ensuring our products meet rigorous sustainability and social standards, contributing positively to the planet and our community.

Committing To Transparency And Feedback


We continually self-assess to ensure we uphold our values, deliver on our mission, and strive to end inequalities wherever possible.

Active Feedback

We actively invite feedback from customers and stakeholders to foster continuous learning and growth toward inclusivity, equality, and fairness.

Combating Slavery And Human Trafficking

Zero Tolerance

Mooncup is committed to combating slavery and human trafficking in any form.

Supplier Compliance

We pledge to continually review all agreements and dealings with suppliers to ensure compliance with anti-slavery and human trafficking measures.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We make it clear that Mooncup does not condone slavery or human trafficking and require our suppliers to uphold the same high standards.

Supplier Audits

We conduct continual audits of suppliers to ensure adherence to our established standards.


By upholding these commitments, Mooncup is dedicated to fostering a safer, more inclusive, and sustainable environment for everyone involved in our product supply chain or engaging with any aspect of our brand.

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