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Why organic cotton is good for your health

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Why organic cotton is good for your health

We have become increasingly disconnected with what we put in, and on, our bodies. This is especially true of period products, for which current European legislation does not require brands to feature an ingredients list on packaging. 

Unsurprisingly, women are often in the dark about what exactly comes into contact with their most intimate body part each month. As the most absorbent part of your body, it is crucial to understand what exactly we are inserting into our vaginas. 

Organic cotton tampons are not just better for your body but the environment too.

Here are 4 reasons why switching to organic cotton period care today is better for your health:

  • Organic Cotton won’t irritate your vagina like mainstream period care will.

    Plastic, perfumes & bleaching agents in mainstream period products combine to create an ugly mess of allergens. If you find yourself regularly reaching down there for a quick scratch or to rearrange then you are likely experiencing vaginitis, or vaginal irritation. Gynaecologists have believed for a long time that mainstream period products are linked to vaginitis- basically your vagina is saying get me out of here.

  • Bacteria love your mainstream period care

    . Mainstream pads are often about 90% plastic, the most cloying least breathable fabric going. The lack of breathability causes the sweaty feeling we know too well. Sweaty vaginas aren’t all that fun in virtue of their sweating alone, but they are even less fun when you consider that this moist warm environment is a party for bacteria. Say hello to thrush and bacterial vaginosis or good bye to plastic pads & tampons.

  • Wave goodbye to carcinogens.

    We commissioned research that threw this into sharp relief, with 80% of respondents incorrectly believing that mainstream sanitary products are made entirely from cotton. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of tampons and pads found in supermarkets and beauty retailers contain only a small amount of cotton, none of which is organic. The primary component is Rayon, a synthetic fibre produced when wood pulp is bleached. What’s more, the treatment process produces dioxins as by-products that have been linked to cancer and reproductive issues. 

  • Organic cotton tampons reduce risk of TSS.

    Whilst the exact causes of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) are unknown, there is extensive research to suggest a causal link with synthetic tampons. Increased absorbencies mean that women are leaving tampons in longer. This creates the conditions in which the TSS causing bacteria thrive. Using 100% organic cotton tampons, whether naked tampons or eco-applicator, is a safer alternative. 

  • So for the sake of the planet and your relationship with your vagina, go organic today! Check out &SISTERS by Mooncup full compostable range with organic cotton pads, and organic cotton tampons, organic liners. Or go reusable with organic period pants or Mooncup.

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