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Why our reusable period pants are perfect for your teenager

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Why our reusable period pants are perfect for your teenager

Period pants for teens are convenient, easy to use & can help with the awkwardness of experiencing a period for the first time (and beyond!). We can all recall our first period, from it starting during an exam or on a date to not getting it until your 17, it’s something we’ve all experienced differently. And for some, the idea of using a tampon or pad can be incredibly daunting (plenty of us can remember reading a tampon box feeling very confused!), on top of that there’s the cramps, the emotions & the cravings, it’s a lot to take on board at such a young age. 

Luckily, our reusable period pants are here to save the day (and the pennies) and offer an alternative to pads & tampons. Find out why our period proof underwear are perfect for your teenager…

reusable period pants

Period Pants Can Be Worn for up to 10 hours

Yep, you read that right. Our pants can be worn for up to 10 hours, so that’s a whole day at school or college, a lazy sunday, travelling or overnight. So, that’s one less thing to be concerned about whilst your teen goes about their busy life. 

Period Pants Hold Up to 4 Tampons Worth of Fluid

Super absorbent, our pants hold the same as four tampons. So, that’s four less trips to the toilet to change & four less tampons to carry around all day. 

Period Pants are Eco Conscious

So many teens (and us!) are very interested in helping the planet and tackling climate change. One small and easy way to do this is by choosing reusable period care, one pair of pants will save 400 disposable period products from landfill over their 100 wash lifetime. Plus, they’re made from sustainably sourced organic cotton, so you know they’ve been sourced from the best possible place.


Period Pants Are a Great Alternative to Tampons or Menstrual Cups

Using period care that requires insertion can be pretty daunting for people of any age, but when you’re still getting to know your body (and all the changes that happen during the teen years!) it can feel even more so. As our pants work just like regular underwear, there’s no need to be concerned with tampons or cups!

Period Pants are Discreet

As period proof underwear works just like regular pants, they’re super discreet and don’t give off the ‘nappy’ look that so many have been worried about. They’ll sit under uniform or their off-duty fits comfortably and as they can be worn for up to 10 hours, they don’t need to carry around extra pads or tampons throughout the day. 

Period Pants are Hypoallergenic 

As they’re made from organic cotton, our pants are hypoallergenic and respect the natural pH levels of the vagina. Goodbye feeling hot, sticky & uncomfortable! If your teen was prone to pad rash, our pants are a great option for them. 

Period Pants Aren’t Just for Day Time

Our pants can be worn for up to 10 hours, they’re ideal for sleeping in. We all know that awful feeling of waking up to messy sheets or feeling hot & uncomfortable from wearing a pad all night, with a pair of period pants you’ll just feel comfortable and protected all night long. Sweet dreams!

Period Pants are Low Maintenance

Working just like regular underwear, all you need to do with period pants is pop them on and then go about your day! Even washing them is simple, just pop them in with the rest of your laundry. Want more details on how easy it is to wash period pants? 

Period Pants are Great for Irregular Cycles

As if having a period at school or college isn’t stressful enough, having an irregular period can be the worst. Constantly fearing that you may start your period at inopportune moments or leak through, it can be a stressful time for anyone. A pair of period pants provides ultimate comfort & confidence that you’re protected from accidental leaks or starting your period when you least expect it.  

Want more details on our pants? Read our ultimate guide to period proof underwear.

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