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Where should the stem of my menstrual cup be?

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Where should the stem of my menstrual cup be?

Menstrual cup wearers often ask themselves - where should the stem of my menstrual cup be? Period cup stem placement can be a bit tricky at first. So don't worry if you need to reposition your cup multiple times to get the stem in the right place. You'll get it eventually!

The stem of your menstrual cup should be completely inside your vagina, but we understand sometimes things don’t go according to plan and how you’d hoped. Especially if you are a menstrual cup newbie, it can take some time for your vagina and body to get used to your period cup.

So, in this blog post, we'll explore the various options for where to place the stem of your menstrual cup and offer some advice on which option is best for you. But first, let's go through how to insert your menstrual cup.

How to insert your menstrual cup for beginners

At first, inserting a menstrual cup may seem a little challenging, but we're here to make things a lot easier. Here are a few tips on getting started with your period cup.

  1. Pick the right position: Stand with one foot in front of the other, squat or sit on the edge of the bathtub or toilet. It's easiest to insert your cup when you're relaxed so try to make sure you're comfortable. 
  2. Fold the period cup: Fold your cup opening in half to form a 'U' shape by pressing and holding the sides together. Place the cup approximately one centimetre into the vagina. Make sure the opening of your cup is facing downwards toward your tailbone. If you can't get the cup down all the way, try pushing it in further with two fingers, but don't worry if this takes a few tries.
  3. Wait for the pop: A seal will be created inside your vagina as the period cup pops open. Punch-down folds are best for those with slightly tighter vaginal walls since they open up more easily.
  4. Find the stem location: The stem, as the whole menstrual cup, should sit inside the opening of the vagina and should not be outside your body. If the stem is sticking out, gently push your cup further in. If that doesn't work, try twisting in the opposite direction until you feel it move down and rest against your vaginal wall. 

Why do we need the menstrual cup stem?

A menstrual cup stem is intended not only to help you locate the period cup but also to help you reach and move the cup down low enough so that you are able to grab a good grip on the base of the period cup. 

It is important to note that the stem should not be used to remove the cup completely. Especially if your cup contains extra weight from your period flow, the stem will not be able to support the weight of the cup. Rather, use the stem of the menstrual cup to bring the cup down until you are able to hold the cup securely by pinching the base of the cup.

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Is the stem of the menstrual cup supposed to stick out?

Menstrual cups should be worn low in the vaginal canal, with the stem in place. If your menstrual cup has a stem, it should never be sticking out of your body. As we said before, the whole menstrual cup, including the stem, should be inside your vagina. However, if you are still unsure of where the stem of the menstrual cup should be, there are three main options for what you can do with the menstrual cup stem.

Let's explore each of these options in more detail.


Option 1: You can leave the stem poking out

Although the menstrual cup stem should be fully inside your vagina, you can choose to leave it sticking out. This option is the easiest to manage, as you don't have to do anything special to make it work. Simply insert your menstrual cup as normal, and let the stem poke out. The major downside to this option is that the stem can be quite uncomfortable and can even cause irritation.


Option 2: Trim the stem

If you find that the stem is uncomfortable, you can try trimming it down. This is a fairly simple process - just use sharp scissors to trim the stem down to the desired length. We recommend trimming the stem before you insert the period cup to avoid any unnecessary cuts. The Mooncup Beginner stem has been designed to be comfortable so usually doesn't require cutting!


Option 3: Don't use a stem

If you're really struggling with the stem, you can try using a menstrual cup without a stem. This option can be a bit more difficult to manage, but it's worth a try if the other options aren't working. 

If your menstrual cup is still not sitting right, try a smaller size. Menstrual cups come in different sizes. So make sure you try the other sizes to find the best fit for you. So, there you have it - three options for what you can do with the stem of your menstrual cup. Now it's time to choose which option is best for you. 

If you're still having trouble inserting your cup, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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