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What kind of person uses a Mooncup?!?

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What kind of person uses a Mooncup?!?

“At first, I really wasn’t keen on the idea, but I am really aware of the amount of waste in products, and I’m trying to be more environmentally conscious. So I thought, “Okay, I’ve had two children, what’s there to lose?” – Jenna, Make-up Artist & Stylist, #RealMooncupUser

Watch Jenna’s full story to hear how she overcame her squeamishness and decided to give the Mooncup a go and why she thinks the Mooncup is more convenient than other period products.

Watch all the stories of real Mooncup users to hear their thoughts on their first Mooncup impressions, menstrual cup folds, first periods and what they love about the Mooncup. Why not give it a go?

Are you a #RealMooncupUser?

We’d love to hear why you love your Mooncup! Tag us @mooncupltd using #RealMooncupUser & #OwnYourPeriod. Every week we’ll share your images on our official Instagram feed and on our website. Thanks for being part of the revolution! x

Curious about the Mooncup? Head to our reviews page to check out what #RealMooncupUsers have got to say about their experience with the Mooncup. Or buy yours here


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