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What are panty liners used for?

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What are panty liners used for?

Panty liners. We all know them, and we all use them, but do we really know what panty liners are used for? In this post, we'll explore the various functions of panty liners, from the obvious to the not-so-obvious.

Panty liners are most commonly used for, well, lining panties. They offer a barrier between your undies and your body, which can help to prevent staining and odours. But first, let's take a closer look at what exactly panty liners are and what they are made from.


What are panty liners made from?

You’ll be able to find many different types of panty liners on the mainstream market. However, if you’re conscious about the planet and want only the best goods for your body, then our breathable liners are what you need. They are breathable, ultra-thin, plastic-free, 100% organic and unscented - perfect for sensitive skin. Our liners come with the Flexi-Fit ™️ design, suitable for all shapes and sizes of underwear and perfect to take on the go.

Why do we use panty liners?

Many people believe that these are unimportant additions to the menstrual cycle, but they're basically the unsung heroes of the period world. Not only do they prevent embarrassing moments (and stains on your favourite pair of jeans), but they also work as a backup when you don't want to use a tampon, can't put on a pad or menstrual cup, or just feel like needing a bit of security during your flow.

There are several reasons why panty liners are helpful, including the ability to absorb everyday vaginal discharge, unplanned light period flow, light spotting, light flow days and post-intercourse discharge. Panty liners are generally more flexible than pads, and some people find them more comfortable.

However, if you do experience a heavier flow, then it’s probably best to stick to pads, tampons, period cups or period pants, as those are specifically designed to absorb heavy blood flow for longer ‘periods’ of time. 


But panty liners can also be used for other things…

It is a common misconception that only tampons and pads are good to use during your period, but in fact, you have choices.

Collecting discharge: If you're noticing a little extra discharge than usual, popping in a pantyliner can help to keep things clean and prevent any unwanted leaks.

Preventing chafing: If you tend to chafe easily, panty liners can offer a little bit of extra protection against friction. Just be sure to change them often to avoid any discomfort.

Absorbing sweat: Panty liners are great for absorbing sweat, whether you're experiencing a little extra during your period or you just tend to sweat a lot down there. This can help to keep you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day.

organic cotton period care

We love panty liners because…

  • They protect you from everyday leakage, such as urine, vaginal and unanticipated periods.
  • They are great for keeping the sweat at bay.
  • Panty liners are useful towards the end of your period when you’re still experiencing flow, but it’s very light and minimal.
  • They help to keep underwear clean and stain-free.
  • Panty liners are useful for light postpartum flow which is usually felt weeks after childbirth.

While panty liners are great to use for everyday wear, it can cause some niggling issues such as yeast infections. The causes of vaginal yeast infections aren't always clear. But using panty liners every day may increase your chances of getting one. The reason is the moisture trapped in panty liners can encourage the growth of yeast. 

This is especially true if you're prone to yeast infections and have a change in your body chemistry, such as during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. You should at least change your panty liners twice a day if you tend to wear them on a regular basis.


Choosing the right liner

Choosing the right pantyliner is very important given the fact that panty liners are such an important part of all everyday intimate hygiene regimes. When choosing a pantyliner, you want to consider the following: Fit and feel and material. If the pad is too tight, it will leave red marks and cause discomfort. If it’s too loose, you may not have complete coverage. 

Look for a pantyliner that has some stretch and will fit your body shape. If you are planning on wearing a pantyliner all day, then consider one that is breathable and soft on the skin. 

If you haven't already begun using panty liners as part of your intimate hygiene routine, it’s about time you did so. There are many advantages to using them. They are easy to use, thin and affordable, and are the best option to use, especially in an emergency.

&SISTERS by Mooncup organic breathable panty liners are so comfortable you can wear them every day. But, just in case life gives you a false period alarm, keep a couple of extra &SISTERS by Mooncup panty liners in your period pouch. If you forgot your tampons or pads or ran out completely during that time of the month, you could always wear a panty liner as a backup. Plus, it's a great light layer to wear at night, and it will keep you feeling fresh overnight.

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