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Viva la vulva: 7 taboo-shattering artists

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Viva la vulva: 7 taboo-shattering artists

If you’ve perused our Instagram feed as of late, you may have noticed some NSFW illustrations of vulvas in all of their lippy, nude glory. At &SISTERS HQ, we believe that bodies are things of beauty, and keeping quiet about women’s issues like periods, body diversity and vaginal health accomplishes nothing aside from perpetuating stigma and holding people back. Periods, much like feeling hungry or sleepy, are natural bodily functions that should be celebrated, not kept hidden – after all, they’re the reason we’re all here in the first place.


For your viewing pleasure, we’ve rounded up seven of our favourite artists who spark conversations and smash stigma with their illustrations, paintings and sculptures of vulvas. From @annawandagogusey to @hildeatlanta, this diverse group of women and non-binary people are on a mission to empower vagina owners everywhere.


Joyce Lee

Seoul-based artist Joyce Lee uses her surreal paintings and drawings of vulvas to normalise sexuality and women’s issues. Her images are both photorealistic and otherworldly, encouraging the viewer to take a closer look and consider the piece’s deeper meaning.

Follow her here.


Anna Wanda Gogusey

Paris-based Anna Wanda Gogusey is a classically trained artist on a mission to raise awareness around everything from mental health to body positivity. Gogusey creates detailed illustrations to highlight the issues she feels matter most, and as a part-time tatooist, she encourages us to wear our closely-held beliefs (quite literally) on our sleeves.

Follow her here.


Verena Bonath

Verena Bonath of BE A PUSSY creates vulva illustrations from her studio in Berlin, Germany to showcase her motto: “No shame. Just love. Knowledge is power.” Bonath experiments with media like watercolour and textiles, and in the above work, ‘Be A Lady’, she uses text to challenge harmful messages that many women have, do, or will receive.

Follow her here.


Tina Maria Elena Bak

Danish/French artist Tina Maria Elena Bak creates “sensual and erotic art from a woman’s point of view” which seeks to create “a dreamlike interpretation of lovemaking.” Her free-flowing watercolour illustrations show the female body, both vulnerable and empowered, without considering the male gaze.

Follow her here.


Sanna Suvi

UK-based Sanna Suvi is a craftivist and student at University of Portsmouth, where she experiments with textiles to highlight vulva diversity. She works largely with yarn, and for any fellow craftivists out there, her website features a vulva crochet pattern! All you’ll need is a crochet hook, some yarn, a bead and an open mind.

Follow her here.


Gashtrays by Hani

Hani is both a ceramicist and the woman behind the #LoveThyLabia hashtag, who hopes to “challenge the censorship and shaming of the natural body that occurs in society today.” Offering a range of hand-sculpted trinket trays, planters and more, Hani believe that “by placing this ‘obscene’ object in every-day life context, it’s a step towards breaking stigmas around sex and body image.”

Follow her here.


Hilde Atalanta

Dutch artist Hilde Atlanta is a non-binary artist and activist whose work celebrates people who don’t conform to traditional gender standards. Atlanta’s work is both playful and impactful, normalising androgyny and the broad spectrum of gender expression.

Follow them here.

At Mooncup HQ, we believe people from all walks of life should be represented in art. If you know of a talented artist who you feel is missing from this list, send us a DM on Instagram or email us at

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