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The best of Mumsnet part 2: Period pants for mums on the go

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The best of Mumsnet part 2: Period pants for mums on the go

It seems busy mums are also waking up to the dreams of lazy period care - well that dream is now a reality with reusable period pants from &SISTERS by Mooncup  (to read how period pants can be great for your menstrual health click here).

Whilst browsing Mumsnet- the mecca of all of the most important knowledge, we came across a lot of mums, from postpartum to peri-menopause, wanting to know more about period pants.

And we are here to oblige, welcome to &SISTERS by Mooncup answers mumsnet- for mums on the go.

Mumsnetter Question 1:


Does anyone have any recommendations for period pants to be worn while running? I don't have a massively heavy flow, but can't use tampon/other inserted products, and as I'm increasing my running distance I'm looking for an alternative to sanitary towels."

Mooncup Says: Period pants are the ULTIMATE alternative to menstrual pads. In the case of our reusable period pants, you can expect one pair to hold the equivalent of up to 4 tampons worth of blood offering up to 10 hours of leak-free protection. Our team has put them to the test whilst doing yoga, cycling and long hikes with no problems or leaks.


Mumsnetter Question 2:

"I had the coil put in earlier this year, so switched from a menstrual cup and washable pads to period pants.So far so good. 

However, I do occasionally have a bit of wee leakage and now the pants smell not so much that you can smell when they're on, but I can smell it when I'm hanging them up/putting them away. What baffles me is that my washable pads never used to smell, so why are the pants?!"

Mooncup Says:  We have heard some stories of people washing on too high a heat and that “trapping in the smell” with other brands. It is probably more likely that your pants are made with the materials that are not sufficiently moisture-wicking which can make odour control challenging. That’s why our period pants are made from certified organic cotton and 3D textile technology with 3 super absorbent layers. Their super moisture-wicking properties help prevent any kinds of smell.

Mumsnetter Question 3:

"I have started using period pants and they are so thick and absorb so much water in the washing machine they take forever to dry. You can't put them in the dryer but I am not keen on having them on the radiator around the house for all and sundry to see. Any other solutions? Also if dryers are bad for them wouldn't radiators be bad too? Honestly, they take about a week to dry." 

Mooncup Says: They definitely shouldn’t be taking this long to dry! While you shouldn’t tumble dry them as it can reduce the quality of their absorbency, you can spin them in the washing machine to shake some of the water out before line drying. Try and find somewhere a bit sunny in the house or try a dehumidifier if you have nowhere like this.

Mumsnetter Question 4:

"I’ve got a procedure or two coming up which will mean I’m not allowed to use tampons for a few weeks so I’m wondering if anyone has found period pants that work under leggings? I’m a bit worried they’ll look like I’m wearing a nappy!!"

Mooncup Says: We get this all the time! Promise period pants don’t look or feel like nappies- just like slightly thicker normal underwear! 


Mumsnetter Question 5:

"I have been peri menopausal for what seems ages now. I have had continuous light / very light bleeding for months and months. I stop for a month then on for three. I have been checked and I’m all fine ( scans etc ) this is just what my body is doing now  

But I’m struggling with irritation wearing even light dailies all the time. Does anyone use period pants? Would these help in the situation?"


Mooncup Says: Absolutely! This sounds like a slight allergy to your liners, so any hypoallergenic organic cotton solution (our whole range) will help with this, although period pants are definitely a great option for you!


Got little sisters to think about? Check out Part of our Mumsnet Answered Series: The Best of Mumsnet Part 1: Period Pants for Teens & Tweens” 

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