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Our Soil Association sisters

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Our Soil Association sisters

London may have been nicknamed ‘The Big Smoke’ since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, but London (and the rest of the UK) is also home to countless organic, ecologically-conscious brands who are doing their part to protect our environment, wildlife and endangered species. Just as Michelin Stars guide foodies to the world’s best restaurants, a Soil Association certification can give shoppers peace of mind in their effort to buy sustainably.


We proudly display our Soil Association Organic certification on all of our &SISTERS by Mooncup pads, tampons and liners, and we’ve had the opportunity to partner with like-minded Soil Association certified companies for giveaways and more. From high-performance organic skincare brand Nourish to eco-friendly household product brand KINN, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Soil Association certified brands to help you put your money where your values are.

Soil Association certification

If you’ve ever stepped inside a health food store (or even a clothing store, for that matter), chances are you’ve purchased products with the Soil Association certification badge. The Soil Association is the UK’s leading organic certification body for everything from beauty products (including our &SISTERS by Mooncup pads, tampons and liners) to food and drink, helping you find the UK’s most eco-friendly products.

The Soil Association certification process is rigorous, ensuring that each company is fully vetted before it’s permitted to use the Soil Association badge. Each step of production is reviewed including “sourcing of ingredients, formulation procedures, premises and packaging.” And to be certain that products are manufactured in the most environmentally sound way, “companies supply with energy and water usage information and environmental waste management plans marketing messages.” What’s more, every company with a Soil Association certification is reviewed annually to maintain standards.

Our Soil Association sisters

While Soil Association certified companies are scattered across the UK, some of our favourites are right around the corner here in London. A purchase from each of these companies not only benefits you, but it helps protect the environment in the UK and beyond.


Battersea-based skincare brand Nourish offers “scientifically developed, highly effective, organic, vegan & cruelty-free skincare powered by ingredients from nature.” From the probiotic multi-mineral mask to the illuminating face shimmer, Nourish’s products will keep your skin looking its best while doing good for our planet.

If you love our 100% organic cotton period products and Nourish’s organic skincare range, keep an eye on our Instagram, where we’ll be announcing an &SISTERS/Nourish giveaway!


Female-led body and household care brand KINN was designed to deliver “clean beauty for you, your family and your home.” Earning multiple awards, a Soil Association certification and shelf space at Harrods since it first launched in 2017, KINN offers laundry, cleaning and body products that’ll leave you and your home smelling like a bouquet of fresh flowers.

At Mooncup HQ, we love ending each day with a good slather of KINN’s organic body oil, laced with lavender, ylang ylang and tangerine.


London-based body care brand Pai borrowed its name from the Maori word, ‘pai’, meaning ‘goodness’ in a nod to its quality ingredients. Pai’s products, particularly their pregnancy-safe serums and baby products, are organic, gentle and midwife-approved – perfect for easing your little one into a sustainable lifestyle. We love Pai’s apple and mallow blossom hair and body wash for baby, which comes complete with a natural konjac sponge. Great for baby, or even for mum’s sensitive skin.

Kit & Kin

Who’s your favourite Spice Girl? At Mooncup HQ, we love Baby Spice – not just for her playful fashion sense or singing ability, but for her commitment to reducing plastic waste with her sustainable nappy brand, Kit & Kin. Unlike most supermarket nappies and baby wipes (most of which use chlorine bleach, plastic fibres and other nasties), Kit & Kin’s products are made using hypoallergenic plant fibres, perfect for keeping baby and the planet happy.

Soap Folk

If you associate bar soap with visits to your grandma’s house, think again – traditional bar soap has seen a resurgence in popularity as a package-free, plastic-free alternative to modern liquid hand wash. Soap Folk, a Stroud-based soapmaker with a mission to reduce plastic waste, offers visually stunning bars in eight modern scents. (And with all the handwashing we’re needing to do to stop the spread of COVID-19, it’s certainly worth trying all of them!) We love lathering up with their lavender and oat milk bar to wind down and keep our hands squeaky-clean.

At Mooncup, we’ve worked hard to maintain our Soil Association certification since our launch, and we’ve vowed to keep every stage of production as gentle on the environment as possible. We’re proudly based in London, UK, and we source our organic cotton from ethical farms across the globe. If you have any questions about our growing, manufacturing or distribution process, please feel free to send us a message at

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