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4 perimenopausal women review the Mooncup®

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4 perimenopausal women review the Mooncup®

Often ominously referred to as “The change”, it feels as though the menopause has been shrouded in mystery and spoken about in hushed tones for far too long.

With half the population likely to experience this transitional phase of life, we believe it deserves just as much airtime and open conversation as its younger sister: ‘the puberty’!

In more recent times we’ve been thankful that the perimenopause is beginning to receive the mainstream spotlight it merits. With high-profile celebrities including Emma Thompson, Gillian Anderson and Meg Matthews leading the way in opening up the conversation, we hope that in the decade ahead we’ll see a more open approach to discussing the menopause in general.

But it’s not only celebrities shining a light on the realities of the menopause… our beloved Mooncup users show us that they’re just as comfortable speaking up about this stage of their lives.

In this blog post we hear from four women who shared their personal journeys of managing their periods using the Mooncup during perimenopause.

4 women discuss the Mooncup & the perimenopause


“When I first heard about a Mooncup I thought it was a product that wasn’t really for people like me. I thought it was for younger women because I was already in my 40s by the time I heard about it and I thought it was maybe not as good as it sounded, probably a bit impracticable and difficult to manage – so I was a bit wary at first.

In a way I tested it out by giving it to my teenage daughter! She was a bit more open to things like that than I was at the time… She reassured me that it is possible for anyone to use it at any stage of their menstrual journey.

And now that I’m (hopefully!) nearly the end of having my periods and into my perimenopause, the Mooncup® has been absolutely great because your periods get a lot less regular and you don’t always know when you’re going to have your next one. So you can be prepared wherever you are and whenever it happens with the Mooncup. That’s been one of the main benefits for me.

In terms of the menopause, it’s actually been really quite empowering – having a few months here and there without a period feels like it means less mood swings for me. It’s a really exciting time of my life. I had terrible periods my whole life – it would be a feeling of dread…but now I feel like I’m about to come out of a big fog of hormones and be a bit free-er, hopefully!
And I feel more happy in my body like I haven’t felt when I was younger. I feel more in control of my moods and emotions. I feel like I’m more honest to myself and it feels exciting and I’m embracing it. I feel more empowered.

…When I used to use tampons I’d find them drying and uncomfortable but because the Mooncup is made of silicone it’s much easier to use and take in and out.

With all the hormonal changes I think the Mooncup is really beneficial for menopausal women. And because it’s even more unexpected when your period could happen it’s more convenient to carry it around in your bag all the time without worrying.”


“I’ve just turned 50 and am in the throes of peri-menopause. When I discovered what a Mooncup was, I was intrigued to know more. I read as much information as I could including reviews, all of which were singing the Mooncup’s praises. I decided that I would like to try one for myself as the concept was a ‘no brainier’. I never thought there’d be a day when I couldn’t wait for my period to start so I could try it out. I have now been using the Mooncup for 2 days and I can honestly say it’s a wonderful invention!

It is extremely easy to insert and remove (if you’re used to using tampons without the string, you’ll have no trouble). I can’t feel a thing once it’s inside and I could easily forget it’s there. My only gripe is I wish I’d discovered it sooner.”



“I’m 49 and peri-menopausal. After a lifetime of extremely painful, heavy periods and then for the last 7 years a diagnosis of erosive Vulval/Vaginal Lichen Planus; using Tampons, literally, were a pain. No matter which type I used they’d irritate and inflame an already irritated/inflamed sensitive area. I’d tried a return to pads but with heavy periods and night-time leaks they just weren’t working for me.

My younger sister recently discovered Mooncup and advised me to try it. I only bought mine on Friday and today is the first time using it. So it may be rather early to create a review, but I feel good about this already! After recommendation from my sis & reading the info & other testimonials, I really have high hopes for this product. Instructions were easy to follow, and I found that it was extremely easy to insert. Having a tilted womb, I wasn’t sure if it would work but after a bit of manoeuvring it feels very comfortable.”


“WOW!!! I SO wish I’d got one earlier as nearly 50!!! ? As someone who’s always had heavy periods I’ve lost sleep being woken up by leaks even with towels and tampons. Always hated the way tampons absorb and end up tubular shape when I’m not like that inside!

With Mooncup I can see how heavy I am. I feel cleaner without all that icky leakage laying on the towel. So convenient and efficient. No problems swimming too!! Yay!!! Try it!!!”

Photograph of Helen by Emma Croman

Find out more about the Mooncup® and get yours here. 

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