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Mums know best: Period care guide

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Mums know best: Period care guide

Mother's day is a particularly special day for us as not only is &SISTERS by Mooncup founded by a mother-daughter duo but a large number of our sisters also happen to be mothers. Find out which period products they can't live without...

It's true what they say- mums really do know best. Whether its mums preparing their daughters ahead of the first period or new mums experiencing changes to their periods after giving birth, thousands of mothers choose &SISTERS by Mooncup as their period care of choice- for themselves, their nearest and dearest. 

A Little Girls' First Period

&SISTERS My First Period Pack

"This was a top recommend! I bought for my daughter who is unwilling to discuss the very recent start of her periods with me. Now at least, she has a good source of info in those little cards if she wants it. Provisions too... The bag and mirror are really nice also! All perfect for our situation!" - Dulcie B

&SISTERS Organic Cotton First Period Kit - £8.95 

Eco-Tampons For Teens

100% organic cotton eco applicator tampons

"So happy to be able to introduce these eco-applicator tampons to my teenage daughter and start her on the road of thinking environmental and sustainability for everything in her life." - Nikki C.

&SISTERS Organic Cotton Eco-Applicator Tampons - from £3.42


Dealing with Night Time Leaks

remüvie plant based blood stain remover

"My daughter has just started her periods and i'm forever cleaning bed sheets- this is GENIUS!"

NEW &SISTERS remüvie plant-based intimate stain remover - £6.95


Period Products For Kids Who Care

Organic cotton pads with wings

"I bought these for my daughter and she is very pleased with them. I like them because of the commitment to reducing period poverty!" -  Elizabeth T.

&SISTERS Organic Cotton Pads with Wings - From £3.80


Period Pants- A Modern Day Gamechanger

reusable period pants- organic cotton

"Bought your period pants for my son's girlfriend and she absolutely loves them. Wish these had been around when I started my periods. How amazing to never buy single use sanitary products and so never contribute to all that rubbish. Highly recommend these to any Mum/Dad, Auntie or friend wanting to prepare a girl for her first period. So much nicer to have these ready to use than something you stick in your knickers." - Julia

NEW &SISTERS reusable period pants - £24.95

Post Partum Periods   

reusable menstrual cup- nüdie cup

"I have really heavy periods since giving birth, to the point on some days I couldn’t leave the house! I tried another period cup which helped but still had leaks, I spotted this and thought worth a go with a different one, so pleased I did!!!!! I have ZERO leaks, thank you for literally changing my life - I’m telling all my friends about it!" - Aimee

&SISTERS reusable period cup - £23.75


Perfect for Menstruating Pups 

remüvie blood stain remover- plantbased

"I was so hoping this product could work, and it was fantastic. We actually used it after our dog, who was in season, got on our bed. I wasn't at all sure the stains would be removed, but the duvet cover was brilliant white after a wash." - Amanda

NEW &SISTERS remüvie plant-based intimate stain remover - £6.95


About us

&SISTERS was founded after Lucy & Claire realised that despite their age gap, very little had changed when it came to periods. Women and girls were largely still embarrassed to talk about them, their experiences were shared and yet most felt isolated and sisters as a whole were left in the dark when it came to what they were putting inside the most intimate areas of their bodies. Over the years, we have challenged norms- lifting the lid on topics of conversation that were previously considered embarrassing (nothing is ever TMI here by the way!) and created the UK's largest plastic-free period care offering for sisters of all ages and life stages.

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