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How the Mooncup fits in with my vegan lifestyle

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How the Mooncup fits in with my vegan lifestyle

Many people are choosing to become vegan for various reasons – for the sake of the animals, for the planet or for health reasons. Whatever the reasons once you make the leap to become a vegan it can become a huge journey of learning about all sorts of things that you’ve never thought about before. From the clothes you wear to the cosmetics you use, suddenly everything can come into question.

I’ve been a vegan for 20 years and I’m still shocked by some of the things that happen to animals for the sake of food, making things “safe” for us to use,  and for our entertainment. Just when you think you’ve seen it all you find yourself stumbling upon a PETA or Viva! expose of more animal abuse and it’s difficult to believe that we live in such an advanced society when some of our practices are totally barbaric!

As a user of the Mooncup for the last 14 years with its vegan status, I’ve had little cause to investigate the vegan-ness of any other products until I started to think about this blog. I won’t go into too much detail but yes… you’ve guessed it. Some tampons have been tested on animals – it seems that baboons and rabbits are the favourites. The tampons (sometimes multiples) are put inside them and left for prolonged periods to see what happens. As with much animal testing it’s difficult to see how the results might relate to humans because their PH levels are really different, rendering most of the testing pointless.

As well as the cocktail of pesticides and herbicides applied to grow non-organic cotton to make tampons and pads, they are also bleached to make them white and give the appearance of sterility. Inserting something full of chemicals into or next to your intimate area isn’t going to be great for your body, but environmentally the production and use of pesticides are disastrous and harmful to insects too.

For me, the three main reasons for being vegan completely match with the three main reasons for using the Mooncup:

  1. The animals – being vegan saves animals. Using the Mooncup saves animals as no animals have been harmed in its production.
  2. The environment – being vegan uses much less in the way of resources than eating meat and dairy products. Using one product (the Mooncup) for years and years saves on resources and the waste is minimal.
  3. Health – a balanced vegan diet is really healthy for your body. The Mooncup is also good for your body because it doesn’t absorb any of the natural moisture from your vagina and it doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals.

The Mooncup also has the added bonus of saving you loads of money over the years and to me that means more to spend on delicious vegan chocolate – win win!


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