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Love letter to my period

Periods 101
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Love letter to my period

When it comes to period protection, the Mooncup is a menstrual cup that has really changed the game for me. It’s so cute, and clean, and easy to use, and it’s made me feel more connected with my body. It’s made me feel more in control of the process of shedding blood every month, in its special and gorgeous way. Before using a cup, I would shove tampons up there, never looking my vagina in the eye. But now I feel like me and my body are in this thing together.

The Mooncup makes me feel better about myself. It’s cheaper, more sustainable, and I never have to email someone whose sitting right next to me to ask them for a tampon. Oh, and for someone with that super plus extra extra plus heavy flow period, the Mooncup always delivers in supporting me.

I feel safe, secure, and like I’m early to the party again.

Grace Campbell: Love Letter to my period

Amazing Disgrace: A Book About “Shame” by Grace Campbell was published by Hodder Studio RRP £14.99 and is available to order now.

Feel more connected with your body and own your period. Find out more about the Mooncup® and get yours here.


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