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How to help vaginal dryness

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How to help vaginal dryness

There's nothing fun about vaginal dryness. It's itchy and painful and makes everyday life more uncomfortable. But there are ways to combat it. In this post, we'll explore some of the most effective methods for helping vaginal dryness.

So what causes vaginal dryness?

There are a number of things that can cause vaginal dryness. Hormonal changes, menopause, childbirth, breastfeeding, and certain medications can all contribute to dryness. But did you know that your period care could also be the reason behind vaginal dryness and irritation?

Many people who suffer from vaginal dryness are typically not aware of the possible connection between their period care and vaginal dryness. One big clue? Your period care products could be made with synthetic materials that can irritate your delicate skin.

Pads and tampons from the “mainstream sanitary” brands are not only uncomfortable and messy, but they also contain chemicals like bleach and fragrances that can cause irritation and dryness. Some people have even developed an allergy to these chemicals.

How to treat and prevent vaginal dryness

Fortunately, there are a number of treatments for vaginal dryness that are available. The first step is to identify the underlying cause. If the cause is medical, treating the underlying condition can often alleviate the dryness. If the cause is hormonal, there are a number of options available, including hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills. 

So if you're suffering from vaginal dryness, don't despair. There are many options out there to suit you and your body. Talk to your doctor to find the best option for you, or you can try our simple methods to alleviate the symptoms.

Use organic period care

There are a lot of period products out there, but not all of it is organic and good for your vagina. However, with &SISTERS, you can rest assured that all our products are organic and designed to work with your body. They contain no harsh ingredients and no scents or dyes. So there is no risk of irritation or disrupting the delicate pH balance in your vagina. Check out our full range of organic period care.

organic cotton period care

Drink More Water

"Make sure to drink more water" is probably one of the most commonly reported health tips. And it’s for a good reason. Drinking water can not only help improve your skin, boost your energy levels and support your immune symptoms, it can also help to keep your vagina hydrated. If you’re not getting enough water in your body, it could cause vaginal itchiness, dryness and sometimes pain, especially when you are going for a pee. 

Use A Quality Lubricant While Having Sex

Many healthy people find that their vaginas do not produce enough natural lubrication. By replacing natural vaginal secretions with artificial lubricants, the vagina feels moist, and any discomfort caused by dryness is reduced. So you can continue enjoying sex without having to worry about dryness. 

Practice Meditation, Exercises Or Yoga

Performing regular exercises to maintain your vaginal health can prevent or reverse the effects of vaginal dryness and atrophy, which is a condition that develops as the vaginal tissues weaken, dry, and become less supple with time. Yoga, Pilates, and Kegel exercises are some of the most popular exercises for vaginal health.

Limit Sugar Intake

Almost every part of your body is affected by what you eat. Therefore, a poor diet can negatively impact the composition of microbes in your gut and, as a consequence, your vaginal microbiome will also be negatively affected. In some cases, this may lead to vaginal yeast infections, which are not very pleasant to deal with!

These are only a few of the things you can do to help prevent or alleviate dryness or irritation. Remember - you're never alone! If you begin to experience symptoms that make you uncomfortable or unhappy, reach out to a doctor or other healthcare professional, and let them know what's going on.

Managing vaginal dryness with period care

If you're looking for natural period protection, then you need to consider organic cotton pads and organic tampons. Organic period care is much more breathable than mainstream period products and will help to reduce any vaginal irritation and dryness. 

At &SISTERS, our pads and tampons are designed with organic cotton that allows air to flow through the fibres, creating a dry and healing environment for your vagina. They also don’t have any scents, plastics or any other nasties that mainstream products include that all contribute towards an unhealthy vagina. 

It's time to switch to organic period care and give your vagina the love that it needs.

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