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How to cope in the summer when you’re on your period

Periods 101
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How to cope in the summer when you’re on your period

The cramps, the cravings, the cursing; going through your midsummer menstruation can cause a range of calamities. Join us as we take a look at some common questions about periods in the summer and our top tips for coping in the heat…


Are Periods Worse In The Summer?

Let’s bust this myth straight away. No, periods aren’t worse in the summer. Our cycles are (unsurprisingly) not synced up with the placement of the Earth, so it doesn’t make a difference whether the hemisphere is slightly tilted towards the sun or not. However, during the luteal phase there is a rise in progesterone which leads to a rise in body temperature; pair this with warmer weather, dehydration, headaches, fatigue, bloating & sleep disturbances we can find ourselves in a hot & sticky situation. 

Plus, we need to take into account that our lifestyles also change during the summer; it’s brighter so we’re outside & awake for longer plus we’re more social so there’s changes to our diets and routines, which can all affect how we feel during our period.




How Can I Stay Cool On My Period In The Summer?

There’s plenty of tips on keeping yourself cool during the summer, but what about when you're on your period? Here’s some things to keep in mind…

  1. Drink plenty of water (as if we couldn’t stress this enough) but it’s super important to keep hydrated as drinking water helps increase blood flow around your body and ensures your brain and other tissues get an adequate supply of what they need. Plus, if you suffer from bloating, drinking more water can help relieve symptoms like fluid retention by flushing out any excess water your body is holding onto. 
  2. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as much as you can, both are diuretics and can make dehydration worse and can trigger migraines. 
  3. Eat fresh and as healthy as possible. You need to replenish nutrients that can be lost during your period e.g. iron-rich foods
  4. Remember to frequently change your period products throughout the day as bacterial infections are more prevalent in the heat.
  5. Exercise if possible. Moving your body helps loosen tight muscles and will help get the blood pumping around your body. Those feel-good endorphins will help with your overall mood & outlook. 
  6. Take it easy. Your period can be stressful enough, let alone trying to keep up with others. Listen to your body and take time out to look after yourself.



What Should I Wear on my Period During the Summer?

The most important factor for dressing during your period (especially in the summer months) is comfort. Keep it cool in breathable fabrics such as linen or organic cotton in flowy shapes, not only will they encourage air flow but they won’t cling to your warm skin and make you feel constricted. Softening the edges with elasticated or loose waist bands will also help if you suffer from bloating. Don’t shy away from your favourite colours, prints or outfits either. Being on your period doesn’t have to cramp your summer style.




What are some tips for sleeping on my period during the summer?

In the lead up to your period arriving your hormones are working overtime. With progesterone levels climbing up and up until your period begins and then dropping suddenly, this slight change can throw off your circadian rhythm and you may find your sleep pattern getting disrupted regardless of a hot & sticky night. 


Here’s a few tips on drifting off peacefully…

  1. Drink more water than usual. Your body will be using more energy on menstruation and can leave you feeling dehydrated; it’ll cool you down and keep you well hydrated.
  2. Use light wisely, darken your sleep space before bed and avoid using your devices or watching television at bedtime so your eyes and brain can begin to rest. During the longer summer daylight hours, your body produces less melatonin - the handy hormone that tells your body it’s time for some shut eye - so drifting off can be easier said than done. 
  3. Swap out your bed linen for sheets made from breathable fabrics such as organic cotton or linen. Whilst silk & satin are lovely to look at, they repel moisture rather than absorbing so things can get unpleasant and sticky, fast. 
  4. Take a cold compress to bed. Exactly how hot water bottles keep us warm in the winter, a cold compress will help keep you cool in the summer. Place on your head before bed or dip your feet in cold water before climbing into bed. Did you know that pulse points your head and feet are considered some of the body’s best cooling spots?
  5. Take time to relax & unwind. About an hour or so before bedtime, start to wind down by reading, drinking herbal tea or listening to a calming podcast to encourage you to fall asleep. Failing to destress after a long, busy and tiring day can often result in lying in bed wide awake in an endless cycle of feeling stressed that you’re tired and stressed that you’re not asleep. 


What’s the Best Period Care Product for the Summer?

organic cotton pads tampons and liners on concrete background


We all flow differently, so it’s important to work out what suits your body best. Opting for cool and breathable organic cotton pads, linerstampons will offer you a more comfortable experience during warmer weather (and they’re kinder on the planet too!)



If you’re looking for an even cooler and planet-friendly period, our reusable range has some options. The reusable period are super absorbent and designed with 3D anti-leak technology, they’ll keep you feeling dry, fresh and secure for up to 10 hours all summer-long. Want more info? Read our guide to period proof underwear. 



Last but not least, our Mooncup is our ultimate zero waste period gamechanger - with no strings attached. Designed to collect your menstrual fluid rather than absorb, the Mooncup also maintains your vagina’s delicate pH balance, ensuring absolute comfort. With up to 12 hours of leak-free protection you won’t even feel, you can dive into all of those summer activities. 


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