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8 reasons to make a switch to the Mooncup menstrual cup

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8 reasons to make a switch to the Mooncup menstrual cup

Are you curious about the Mooncup®? Heard your friends say it’s been a game changer? It’s natural to have questions before making a switch. After all, many of us are using period products we got introduced to as teens! If your current product isn’t quite up to the job, or you’re keen to reduce the impact of your periods on our planet, you’ve come to the right place. In this menstrual cup guide, we list 8 powerful reasons to make the switch to the Mooncup.

1. Menstrual cups are the most environmentally friendly period product

Each one of us will use around 11,000 disposable period products during our menstruating life. Let’s let that number sink in for a minute.
In one year of usage, the environmental impact of a reusable menstrual cup is only 1.5% of the impact of disposable period products. And it only costs around 10% of the price. Over five years the Mooncup menstrual cup will save you, and our planet, 1430 tampons or pads!

A recent UN-sponsored report found that menstrual cups are the most environmentally friendly way to manage your periods, even compared to other reusable product options, such as period pants and reusable pads.


2. The Mooncup is the best period product for heavy periods

Heavy periods? The Mooncup will change your life!

The Mooncup holds 3 x more than a regular tampon. This means fewer toilet trips, less cost, less fuss! We know this can also be particularly handy for people working in protective gear or in shift work.

You can wear the Mooncup for up to 8 hours. Yes, we know some brands say you’re good to go for 12 hours, but your safety is super important to us. Our recommendation to empty your Mooncup every 4 – 8 hours is based upon safe practice and has nothing to do with the capacity of the Mooncup menstrual cup vs. other period cup brands.

Are you worried about how heavy your periods are? The Mooncup has measurement lines so you can monitor blood loss. This is really useful information to share with your doctor.


3. You save money 

No more spending on your periods! The Mooncup quite simply saves you money every period. Talking about inflation-proofing your monthly flow!

On average, a lifetime supply of tampons and pads costs around £1500. While disposable period products are a monthly money drain, you only need one Mooncup menstrual cup. When looked after properly, your Mooncup will last you for years to come.

We’re so sure you’ll love your Mooncup that we’re offering all our customers a satisfaction guarantee. Give it a go for 3 months, and if you’re not happy with your Mooncup we’ll give you a full refund!

4. No chafing, sweaty pads or wet tampon strings!

Tampons and pads can contain up to 90% plastic. That’s 90% of the product itself and doesn’t include the additional plastic that makes up the wrappers, applicators, and backing strips.

It’s no wonder that you might feel sweaty and uncomfortable in your vulval and vaginal areas if you wear these plasticky products all day. Life in plastic is far from fantastic!

Mooncup menstrual cup is made from soft, medical-grade silicone. It’s so comfortable you can’t feel it’s there.

5. It’s perfect for swimming and exercise

Squats or jumps – no problem! The Mooncup won’t stop you from exercising. In fact, we know that many professional athletes, like Team GB Olympian Lauren Smith, swear by their Mooncup®.

Tampons and pads can sometimes cause chafing and rubbing. This is a particular problem if you like long distance running, cycling, or rowing.

The soft and squishy Mooncup is worn internally and once it’s in place, you shouldn’t even feel it. The fact that the Mooncup also holds three times as much as a regular tampon can make it easier to focus on your exercise.

6. It feels cleaner using a menstrual cup

A large scientific review by Lancet Public Health confirmed in 2019 that “menstrual cups are as safe and reliable as tampons and pads”. We of course knew this already, as do more than 2 million Mooncup® users around the world.

It’s been known since 1918 that toxins can be absorbed into the body through the vagina. The Mooncup respects your natural balance. It’s hypoallergenic and contains no dyes, BPA, bleaches, phthalates, plastic, or toxins.

Unlike tampons, the Mooncup doesn’t cause dryness or leave fibres behind. Nobody wants to have a tug-of-war with their own vagina! Tampons absorb 65% menstrual fluid and 35% vaginal moisture while the Mooncup menstrual cup is completely non-absorbent.

7. It’s better for your vagina

Traces of chemicals, dioxins and insecticides have been known to be found in 5 of 11 disposable period products tested. As crazy as it may sound, period products, even internal ones, aren’t subject to any special regulations in Europe.

The Mooncup® is backed by over 20 years of menstrual cup expertise, customer insight and product know-how. We manufacture in the UK to the highest quality standards. Only the best for your vagina!


8. You can forget you’re on your period and get on with your life!

Periods are a pain and a half for so many people, we know this. There is a reason that 9 in 10 #RealMooncupUsers recommend the Mooncup to their friends and family.

Unlike the Tampax ads of yore (or was it just 2015?), we are not here to “outsmart mother nature”. We don’t think mother nature is the enemy, we believe in working with her. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your monthly cycle provided you with a key to your health, rather than something to dread?

 Join our community Facebook group to chat with other #RealMooncupUsers. 

Join the period of revolution. Find out more and get your Mooncup® here. 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

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