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5 ways to become a period positive workplace

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5 ways to become a period positive workplace

Embracing menstrual equity and becoming a period positive workplace is so much more than popping to the supermarket and popping a box of tampons in your toilets. It’s about creating an inclusive and supporting work environment that involves recognising and accommodating the needs and experiences of all employees. Menstruation is a natural and normal part of life for many individuals, however it’s often surrounded by stigma and silence. By becoming a period positive workplace, organisations can break the taboos surrounding menstruation and promote inclusivity and equality. In this blog, we’ll discuss five practical ways businesses can embrace period positivity and create a menstrual-friendly workplace. 

1. Encourage open communication & education

The first step in fostering a period positive workplace is promoting open communication and education about menstruation. Encourage open dialogue by creating a safe space for employees to discuss their experiences, concerns and needs related to menstruation. These can be educational sessions or workshops where you provide accurate information about the menstrual cycle, common menstrual health issues and debunk any myths or misconceptions. By normalising these conversations you can help break down barriers and eliminate stigma. 

2. Provide safe, healthy & adequate menstrual product accessibility

Did you know that 2 out of 5 people have worn tampons for longer than medically advised because they were uncomfortable asking a colleague? Making period care easily accessible is an essential aspect of period positivity. Ensuring your toilets are stocked with a variety of menstrual products such as pads, tampons and liners in a range of absorbances, ensures that your employers have what they need when they need it. Offering free period care to your staff also promotes affordability and inclusivity, as period poverty is still a major barrier for many when it comes to choosing the best products for their health. 

3. Implement flexible policies

Menstrual symptoms can affect everyone differently, so by offering flexible policies you can help support suffering employees during their menstrual cycle. Consider implementing policies such as flexible working hours or remote work options to accommodate not only employees who may be experiencing discomfort or pain, but other members of your team too.  By allowing individuals to manage their work schedule and environment based on their needs, you foster a culture of understanding and support. 

4. Create a comfortable environment

Having a comfortable workplace environment is crucial for all employees. Consider factors such as temperature control, adequate lighting and ergonomic seating to promote physical comfort. Creating designated quiet spaces or relaxation areas where employees can take a break and alleviate menstrual symptoms can also be beneficial. Providing access to pain relief options, such as heating pads or over-the-counter medications, further demonstrates your commitment to employee wellbeing.

5. Implement period leave policies

With so much in the international news around menstrual leave gaining recognition, you too can look to support employees during their menstrual cycles. Consider implementing a dedicated period leave policy that allows individuals to take time off without fear of stigma or repercussions. Offering paid or flexible period leave ensures that employees can prioritise their own health and wellbeing when needed. Such policies promote a culture of understanding, compassion and equality in the workplace.

Becoming a period positive workplace involves creating an environment where menstruation is understood, respected and accommodated. By fostering open communication, providing accessible period care, implementing flexible policies, creating a comfortable working environment and offering period leave, businesses can take significant steps towards promoting inclusivity, equality, and employee wellbeing. Embracing period positivity not only supports individual employees, but also contributes to a more compassionate, supportive and progressive work culture. By breaking the silence and stigma surrounding menstruation, organisations can lead the way in creating menstrual-friendly workplaces that empower and uplift all employees. 


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