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What is period proof underwear and how does it work?

Period proof underwear are next generation period care products and they do actually work. How? Well they work just like normal underwear insofar as they are reusable and they need washing after each wear, but unlike normal underwear they absorb your flow so you stay leak free even on heavy days. 

How can underwear be leak-proof?

&SISTERS period underwear 3D textile technology
Similar to traditional menstrual pads, period proof underwear includes a special absorbent layer. In the case of our nüdie period pants this is an absorbent core made with 3D textile technology. That is material science speak for a fabric that is woven on all axes, being woven 3 dimensionally in a physical sense. This creates tiny spaces in the fabric that are the perfect size to absorb menstrual fluids- 4 whole tampons worth. Underneath the 3D technical fabric layer is a waterproof anti-leak layer which protects the clothes below from any leaks.

So, as long as you change your period proof underwear as frequently as you would 4 tampons, there is no leakage. Generally this is about 10 hours a day, so you are pretty well protected to go about your day or night as if you weren’t on your period at all.

So will it work for my flow?

This depends on the absorbency of the pants. Many will have absorbency equivalent to 2-3 tampons which is okay for light days but tricky on heavier ones. Our nüdie period pants absorb 4 tampons worth of flow, so they suit most sisters perfectly. If you have a particularly heavy flow we just recommend changing your pants a tad more frequently.

Okay but if it is absorbing all my period blood won’t they smell?

No smells here sister! Our nüdie period pants are made from high quality organic cotton which is naturally moisture wicking thus preventing odour. 

period underwear that's odour resistant

And won’t they feel wet when I bleed?

Again this comes down to fabric choice. As our nüdie period pants are 96% organic cotton they are extremely moisture-wicking (read absorbent) so will keep you feeling dry even towards the end of a long day.

Are these materials good for my vagina and my skin?

Some cheaper options of period proof underwear are made largely from synthetics or polymer based and can cause the sweatiness and increased risk of infections, such as bacterial vaginosis and thrush, similar to what you might experience with mainstream plastic-laden pads. 

Our pants are primarily made from certified organic cotton which is breathable and naturally hypoallergenic to maintain your vagina’s natural pH balance.

How do I wash period underwear?

Contrary to popular conceptions, you can pop period proof underwear in the washing machine with all of the rest of your clothes. It is good to rinse the underwear in cold water before washing with heat, but this is not necessary. Wash the underwear either by hand or in a machine at below 40 degrees Celsius. 

Remember never to use fabric conditioner, softener or bleach and always hang your period proof underwear to dry rather than tumble drying, as all of these things can cause damage to absorbent fabrics. Caring for your period proof underwear properly helps it last longer, in the case of nüdie period pants they could last up to 3 years.

How would period proof underwear fit into my routine?

lets get nüdie
However you want it to! Period proof underwear is ideal for slipping into your normal routine, you just wear and wash it with your normal laundry. Generally pant connoisseurs will own 3-5 pairs of pants so they can rotate while their other pairs are drying or in the wash. Sometimes, when you are out and about or away on holiday it is nice to have the option to alternate between a menstrual cup and pants if access to a washing machine isn’t readily available. Just make sure you go sustainable and organic for your vagina’s sake.

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