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Mooncup Cleaning Pot

About the Cleaning Pot

The Mooncup® Cleaning Pot works in 3 ways: in the microwave, with sterilising solution or with water to shake and go when you’re out and about. It’s been designed to make cleaning your Mooncup much easier and more convenient and features a compact fold away design.

The Mooncup® Cleaning Pot has been designed to fit all Mooncup® sizes and designs! So, no matter whether you use Mooncup® Beginner or Mooncup® Original, your cleaning pot is the perfect size.

No, the Mooncup® Cleaning Pot should not be used to store your Mooncup. When you’re finished with your Mooncup Cleaning Pot, clean and dry thoroughly and fold back down to its compact form. Your Mooncup should be stored in the organic cotton drawstring bag.

If microwave is your preferred way to use the Mooncup® cleaning pot, follow these steps:

  1. Rinse your Mooncup® with water.
  2. Add 50ml of water and place your Mooncup® inside, rim down.
  3. Place lid loosely on top. Do not close the lid securely.
  4. Microwave for at least 3 mins at 750-900 watts.
  5. Allow to stand in the microwave for 10 minutes.
  6. Remove pot using oven gloves and allow to cool fully.

Read our blog for further information.

If you want to use sterilising solution with the Mooncup® cleaning pot, follow these steps:

  1. Wash your Mooncup® with unperformed soap and water.
  2. Fill the pot with sterilising solution diluted according to the manufacturer's guide.
  3. Fully immerse your Mooncup® in the pot. Soak for minimum recommended time.
  4. Rinse your Mooncup® and cleaning pot with water.
  5. Dry thoroughly before folding & storing.

Read our blog for further information.

Emptying and cleaning your Mooncup® on the go? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Half fill the cleaning pot with water.
  2. Place your Mooncup® inside & secure lid firmly.
  3. Shake gently.
  4. Remove Mooncup® from the cleaning pot and reinsert. 
  5. Tip water from the pot into the toilet.
  6. Dry, fold, replace lid & go!
  7. Once home: Clean & dry pot thoroughly before storing.

Read our blog for further information.

The Mooncup® Cleaning Pot is made from medical grade silicone.

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