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We are a B-Corp!

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We are a B-Corp!

Behind the B: here at &SISTERS by Mooncup we're proud to officially join the B Corp community, joining global brands like Patagonia, Abel & Cole and The Body Shop. Get the lowdown on what this means for us as a business and why buying from &SISTERS just got better!

What is a B Corp?

Behind the B Corp Logo

B Corps are a group of companies and social enterprises that strive for better in terms of how they treat their team, the planet and the people in it. B Corps are guided not just by profit but to make the world a better place-  they are businesses with a conscience. To become B Corp certified businesses volunteer to assess everything from water usage to HR policies, to be held up to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. This belief in purpose over profit is examined by looking at the company's impact on all stakeholders, not just shareholders in the business. Every B Corp is then given a score based on their performance which you can find in the B Corp directory

Why did becoming a B Corp matter to us?

From the very beginning, &SISTERS has aspired to be a B Corp. We see receiving B Corp certification as external validation that we are truly balancing business with purpose across every aspect of our operations. 

In our opinion, the B Corp certification is the only holistic certification out there that pushes you to be accountable to balance profit with purpose and ensures that you never lose sight of this. We believe that B Corps are leading the way in creating a global cultural shift in how not only we run businesses but also how success is calibrated and measured.  

The B Corp movement is all about creating a new, more thoughtful economy where more than pure profit is taken into the equation. At &SISTERS, if we do not protect human rights, working conditions and the planet then we are not a sustainable business by any sense of the word. B Corps are building a more sustainable and inclusive economy and we would be remiss to not be a part of it.

How did you apply to become a B Corp?

Applying to become a B Corp requires a lot of work. We spoke to a number of other companies who have been through the process and it is rare to find one that took less than a year. It requires knowledge and collaboration across every department within your organisation as well as engagement from some of your external parties e.g. suppliers, shareholders. 

&SISTERS B Corp Impact Score

There are a number of requirements you must meet to become a B Corp. Starting with the B Impact Assessment (BIA) which assesses a company’s performance requirement.  Every company must complete the BIA which measures (among other things) your companies positive impact on workers, community, customers and the environment as well as looking into the governance structure. Upon completion of the BIA you will be given a score, B Corp certification requires a minimum score of 80 across all impact areas. 

We are proud to announce that we scored 123.5 - one of the highest scoring B Corps in the period care sector worldwide.

What’s next for &SISTERS as a B Corp?

We can’t wait to engage with the wider B Corp community. There are so many amazing certified businesses that we can learn from them and share our experiences with. Network aside, the B Corp certification will hold us accountable to our social and environmental goals whilst providing areas for improvement. We are constantly looking for ways to improve as a business and the B Corp framework provides a way for us to identify the gaps in our current ways of working and supports us in closing these so that we can create even greater social and environmental impact. 

&SISTERS B-Corp Certified Sustainable Eco-Applicator Tampons

Last but not least, we are scaling fast and we know that with that growth comes even greater expectations from our shareholders, customers, suppliers and community. We want to protect our values and mission statement throughout this growth. B Corp certification provides us with a mechanism to do so.

&SISTERS was founded to be better for our sisters, bodies and planet- taking our health, our social impact & our environmental seriously. Check out our full range of taboo busting B Corp certified products here.


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