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What to do if you drop your Mooncup down the toilet

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What to do if you drop your Mooncup down the toilet

We recently had a question from a customer asking about what they should do after they’ve dropped their Mooncup down the toilet. Sounds like a nightmare right? Well, we wrote this blog to put your worries to rest and reveal exactly what to do if you do end up dropping your period cup down the toilet. Spoiler alert: you don’t need to throw your cup away.

What to do if you drop your Mooncup down the toilet

First of all: do not panic! Swapping to menstrual cups is a big jump and inserting & removing a cup can take some getting used to. So, rest assured that dropping your cup down the toilet really is not a big deal. 

As quickly as you can, scoop your cup from the toilet and then thoroughly wash your hands. Now would be a good time to swap to suitable period care (like our organic cotton pads or tampons!) as your period cup now needs sterilising. 

How to sterilise your Mooncup

Regardless of dropping your menstrual cup down the toilet, we recommend you sterilise your period cup before first using it and at the end of every period. There’s two ways of sterilising your Mooncup:

  1. Fully submerge your cup in boiling water for around 5 minutes. Make sure you keep an eye on your cup in the boiling water - you can pop it in a whisk so it’s not sitting at the bottom of the pan.
  2. Use sterilising solution or tablets - they’re usually used to sterilise baby equipment. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for dilution & soak for the minimum recommended time and then rinse out thoroughly with water. 

For further details, check out our blog all about properly cleaning your menstrual cup!

Once you’ve sterilised your menstrual cup, it’ll be ready to use again! So, the good news is: dropping your period cup down the toilet isn’t the end!

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