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A beginners guide to period proof underwear

Periods 101
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A beginners guide to period proof underwear

Curious about making the switch to reusable period underwear? You’re in the right place! We’re here to answer your questions all about period proof underwear…


What are Period Pants?

The answer to all your prayers. They’re the low maintenance period revolution. Our reusable pants are period proof and have an absorbent core made of 3D textile technology that absorbs menstrual fluid (four whole tampons worth!).

Super soft & super discreet, they can be worn for up to 10 hours, so there’s no need to worry about having extra supplies on you or getting to a toilet in time to change. Plus, they’re made from 100% organic cotton, so they’re hypoallergenic and respect the natural pH of your vagina. 


How do Period Pants Work?

Our reusable period pants work just like your everyday underwear but they have a hidden superpower - 3D anti-leak technology combining three layers of breathable organic cotton. Starting from the bottom, an anti-leak under layer for breathable, waterproof protection.  In the middle is an absorbent layer made using 3D textile technology. And on top, there’s a hypoallergenic layer that’s kind to your vagina. 


Can Period Pants Leak?

Nope. You might have 99 problems but period leaks won’t be one. Our period pants are absorbent enough for 4 tampons to keep you, your clothes & your bed linen all protected.


period pants  

How Long Can You Wear Period Pants For?

This varies massively for different types of period proof underwear, but for period pants the answer is all about your flow. They are absorbent enough for 4 tampons and can be worn for up to 10 hours but if your flow is on the heavier side you might have to change them a bit more frequently.


Do Period Pants Smell or Feel Wet & Sticky?

If you were to wear period proof underwear for far too long they might feel a bit sticky, but they are made from super moisture-wicking organic cotton that keeps you feeling dry, secure, and never smelly.


Are Period Pants 100% Hygienic?

100%! Period blood is hygienic anyway. The idea that period blood is dirty is a myth (and a terrible one at that). As long as you wash your period pants  as you would normal underwear all will be well.



Why Should I Choose Reusable Period Products?

Our period pants help you save the planet & your wallet - just imagine no disposable or compostable period products for 3-4 years. Not only is it kind on your purse strings but on the planet too. Did you know that 1 in 5 pieces of plastic found on a UK beach is a tampon? And we flush 700,00 liners, 2.5 million tampons & 1.4 million pads every single day. By simply swapping to reusable period pants, you’re saving over 400 disposable period care products from ever ending up in a landfill or the beach.


How Do I Pick the Right Absorbency?

The heavier your flow the higher the absorbancy you need. Here at &SISTERS we like to keep things simple, so we made period proof underwear that absorbs 4 tampons - so you don’t have to worry about buying too low an absorbency. We got you all covered. The other thing to consider is that heavier bleeding usually means you bleed to the front and back of the pants as well. The protective layers in our period pants reach far enough back you won’t need to worry about leaking from there either!


How Long Do Period Pants Last?

Period pants last 100 washes, or approximately 3-4 years worth of saving disposable products from landfill. 


period pants


How Many Pairs of Period Pants Do I Need?

This depends on your flow, the length of your period & if you are just wanting to use period pants or use them alongside other things. Period pants can be worn for up to 10 hours and typically take around a day to dry, so for someone with a three day medium flow period you probably need four pairs if you are only going to wear period pants. If you only plan to use them at night, on the other hand, you probably only need two pairs.


Can I Sleep in Period Pants?

Yes, they are perfect for sleeping. Period proof underwear keeps you feeling nice and secure without the risk of leaks - no matter how much you wriggle or starfish in the night. 


Can I Exercise in Period Pants?

Absolutely! From yoga & gym classes to hiking & cycling, there’s nothing stopping you! Simply pop them on and get out there exploring.


period pants for teenagers


Are Period Pants Good for Teenagers?

Teens & tweens absolutely rave about our period pants, they are perfect for long school days, field trips and beyond. Periods are a nuisance at that age & period pants keep them nice & low maintenance. 


Are Period Pants Good for When I Am Out or at Work?

Usually you can just pop period proof underwear on in the morning and not worry about it all day. Keep your eyes on the big presentation or focus on keeping the prosecco coming at bottomless brunch. If your flow is on the heavier side, you may have to change when you are out and about. We recommend folding your used period pants so that they inside are folded inwards and then just pop them in a bag to wash later. 


washing period pants


How Do I Wash Period Pants?

Rinse with cold water if you can, then pop them in the washing machine with everything else. 40 degrees, no fabric conditioner, no bleaching agents. Blood breaks down quite easily in washing machines and we make our period pants black so you don’t have to worry about stains.


Can I Tumble Dry Period Pants?

Every time you use the tumble dryer your period proof underwear will reduce in absorbency as the dryer damages the absorbent core. If you want your pants to last as long as possible avoid.

Any other burning questions about period pants? Drop us a message, we’re always happy to help! Email and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

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