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Period cup or menstrual cup… What do you call your Mooncup®?

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Period cup or menstrual cup… What do you call your Mooncup®?

We’ve created a poll to find out which name you prefer. But first a little background about how our galactic name came to be…

The Mooncup® is of course our beloved brand name. Back in 2002, the synergies of the lunar cycle with menstruation were calling to Mooncup inventor Su, when she landed on Mooncup as the name for her revolutionary new product.

With the average menstrual cycle lasting 29 days; the same length as the lunar cycle, it felt far too appealing a coincidence to ignore. Even the terms “menstruation” and “menses” come from Latin and Greek words meaning moon (mene) and month (menses).

And so the Mooncup® was born. Dreamy in its connotations, but practical in its meaning - the perfect moniker? We hope you agree.

Do you say Menstrual Cup or Period Cup?

A tampon is a tampon. But a menstrual cup is not a Mooncup®. The Mooncup however, IS a brand of menstrual cup… Still with us? ;) For a long time, this little cup of joy has been known as the menstrual cup. But increasingly people are using the term ‘period cup’ too. We've also seen 'feminine cup' and 'sanitary cup' being used on the menstrual scene!  Which will win out? Which name do you prefer? Or do you call it something completely different?

We'll update this post with the results once we've heard from you.

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