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Learn how to read your boobs

Periods 101
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Learn how to read your boobs


Hormonal changes throughout the monthly cycle are largely responsible for changes to the breasts. Variations in size, shape and feel are completely normal. In this post we will explore the different stages your boobs go through each month and the reasons behind this shape shifting.
Phase 1. Lumps and Bumps


For the first few days of your cycle (when your period starts), your boobs may feel uneven and nodular. Why? The lumps are caused by milk glands, enlarged in preparation for a possible pregnancy. As soon as the body realises that there is no pregnancy, your breasts will smooth out.

Phase 2. Shrinkage


Toward the end of menstruation (depending on the length of your cycle, it’s typically around day 3 or 7), your boobs are at their smallest because oestrogen and progesterone are at their lowest. This is actually the most accurate depiction of your true size because you’re not being pumped up with hormones.

Phase 3. Perky


As you get closer to ovulation (this is known as the follicular phase and it happens around day 12), oestrogen levels start to rise. This causes your breasts to look extra buoyant because oestrogen improves skin elasticity. Consider it a natural lift.

Phase 4. Swollen


In what’s considered the luteal phase (this occurs after ovulation, which is generally around day 15 and up through the end of your cycle), expect to be at your largest cup size. “Progesterone is really peaking, so this is a time associated with the largest breast size and density. They may even look swollen or slightly veiny, and feel tender.

Phase 5. Wonky


Research published in the journal Ethology and Sociobiology found that when oestrogen is low during your premenstrual week, breasts become less symmetrical. That could be why your left boob looks crooked all of a sudden. But don’t worry; once your period arrives, your boobs will even out (we hope!)



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