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How to wash and dry period pants

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How to wash and dry period pants

You’ve done it! You’ve made the switch to reusable period care and are bleeding straight into your brand-new period pants and now you’re left wondering “how do I wash these bloody brilliant period pants?” Well, you’re in the right place. Our period pants are super easy to use and clean time & time again. So, get comfy as we reveal how to wash period proof underwear…

Step 1

Rinse your period pants with cold water until they run clear. Give them a squeeze as you rinse, this’ll help remove any excess fluid.


rinsing period pants

squeezing period pants


Once they run clear, twist & squeeze to remove excess water. 


rinsing period pants

Step 2

Throw them in the washing machine with everything else (yes, really!) and extra points if you have a delicates mesh bag to pop them in first!

FYI - blood breaks down easily in washing machines, so there’s no fear that blood will stain anything else in the load. Plus, we make them black so you don’t have to worry about stains!

Wash at 40 degrees celsius and do not use any fabric conditioners or bleaching agents as this can affect the absorbency of the core. Stick to delicate laundry liquid or mild soap. 

Or, if you prefer you can also wash by hand! This way you’ll have complete control over what happens to them and you can ensure they’ll last as long as possible. Hand wash them just as you would in the machine: water under 40 degrees celsius, hang dry & no bleach.

washing machine

Step 3

Ensure you’ve squeezed out all excess water and hang them to dry with the rest of your washing. Whether that’s on your washing line in the garden or drying rack in the utility room, just don’t use a tumble dryer, as this will reduce the absorbency of your pants as the dryer damages the absorbent core. 

Period proof pants can take a little longer to dry than the rest of your washing due to the multiple layers in the absorbent core. 


drying period pants

Top Tips for Looking After Your Period Proof Underwear

  • Wash them as quickly as you can after taking them off rather than letting them sit in your laundry basket. 
  • Don’t use any fabric conditioners or bleaching agents as this can affect the absorbency of the core. 
  • Don’t iron your period pants.
  • Don’t tumble dry your period pants. 


period pants


Got more questions about our period pants? Check out our ultimate guide to reusable period proof underwear. Or drop us an email


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