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Do you know what’s in your toilet paper? Naked Sprout reveals all…

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Do you know what’s in your toilet paper? Naked Sprout reveals all…

Do you know what’s in your toilet paper? We didn’t either. Luckily, sustainable toilet paper experts Naked Sprout are here to roll out the truth about what’s hiding in your regular bog-standard toilet paper…

So, what’s hidden in toilet paper?

Much like our co-founders Claire & Lucy who discovered just how much unnecessary bleach & plastic is found in mainstream period care, Naked Sprout co-founders couldn’t believe the amount of harsh chemicals used in the manufacturing process and set out to create the UK’s most sustainable toilet paper. 

In most mainstream tissue products you’ll find:

Formaldehyde - used to strengthen the paper to stop it from breaking down. A known carcinogen, formaldehyde can cause skin irritations and in more serious cases lung complications. 


BPA (Bisphenol A) - an industrial chemical that’s used to make certain plastics & resins. BPA is often found in recycled products, as any BPA that was used in the production of things like receipts, flyers, boarding passes or food cartons is still present. BPA is a known hormone-disrupting chemical that can cause reproductive, neurological, immune & cardiovascular issues. 


Chlorine - used to bleach the paper white. A known skin irritant (particularly around the vulva), chlorine can also be a cause of recurrent thrush as the skin may be reacting to the chemicals. 


Fragrances - we already know anything fragranced that’s going anywhere near your vagina is a no-no. Fragrances added to toilet paper may contain hundreds of dangerous chemicals that can disrupt the vagina’s natural pH and cause infections. 


Dioxins - a highly toxic by-product of the chlorine bleaching process.


Petroleum-based mineral oils & paraffin - added to toilet roll to make it softer and smell “nice”. So, the next time you spot a toilet roll that claims to contain lotions, aloe vera or vitamin E, it’s actually packed with mineral oils that are known carcinogens.

And this isn’t even the entire list.  These nasty chemicals poison waterways, damage local habitats and can negatively impact your health. They all have the potential to penetrate the skin and cause havoc inside your body, the skin around the vagina and anal area are highly sensitive and can absorb toxins readily.

Going chemical-free means you’re going eco-friendly too

Did you know that the production of mainstream toilet roll wipes out more than 7,000 trees a day? So, just like when you choose &SISTERS period care and you’re saving the planet from tampons that live in landfill forever, by swapping to a chemical-free toilet roll you’re also helping save thousands of trees. 

Naked Sprout emits 50% less emissions compared to eco alternatives and uses renewable raw materials like bamboo & recycled cardboard to manufacture their products. With a factory powered by onsite renewable energy producing zero emissions (in fact, it’s the world’s only B Corp factory!), Naked Sprout is completely fossil fuel free and is leading the tissue industry revolution. 

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