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Can a tampon get stuck? Debunking the myth

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Can a tampon get stuck? Debunking the myth

The world of periods is filled with questions, concerns and plenty of myths. One of the most common is the fear of a tampon getting stuck. But is this fear grounded in reality or simply a myth? In this blog, we’ll explore this topic and debunk the misconceptions around the possibility of a tampon getting stuck. 

Understanding your anatomy

Before getting stuck into the specifics, it’s crucial to understand your anatomy. The vaginal canal is a muscular passage that connects the uterus to the external opening, the vulva. Your cervix, located at the upper end of the vaginal canal, acts as a gateway to the uterus. Ever measured your cervix? Read our blog all about it. 


The Myth: 

The notion that a tampon can get stuck is often perpetuated by fear and misinformation. It’s super important to note that the vaginal canal is an amazing & self-cleaning organ and has it’s superpowers when it comes to ensuring foreign objects, like tampons, do not get permanently trapped.

The reality:

Whilst it’s highly unlikely that a tampon will get irretrievably stuck, however there’s some cases where a tampon may cause discomfort or difficulty during removal. This usually happens due to improper insertion or leaving a tampon in for too long. However, these instances do not mean your tampon is “stuck”.

Possible reasons why your tampon may be difficult to remove

A hard to remove tampon

On a rare occasion a tampon may become lodged higher in the vaginal canal, making removal challenging. If this happens, staying calm and relaxed is crucial. If you panic your muscles will tense and you’ll find removal even harder, so take a deep breath and a moment to compose yourself. Try squatting or assuming a comfortable position, find the tampon string and gently tug to remove. Do not yank or pull too hard. If necessary, you could also use an organic lubricant. 

A forgotten tampon

Life gets busy. People forget. It happens. So, if you’ve found that you’ve worn a tampon for too long or accidentally inserted two, it’s important to remove the tampon as quickly and calmly as possible. In rare cases, a forgotten tampon can lead to an unpleasant odour or an increased risk of infection such as toxic shock syndrome. If you suspect you’ve forgotten a tampon, make sure you consult a healthcare professional who can help you safely remove it. 

How to avoid tampon discomfort

You can minimise any potential discomfort or difficulties by following our top tips:

Inserting a tampon correctly: ensure you’ve correctly inserted the tampon and followed the manufacturer's instructions. If you want further information, read our blog on how to insert a tampon correctly.

Change tampons regularly

You should always change tampons every 4 to 8 hours depending on your flow. This reduces the risk of bacterial growth and potential discomfort during removal.

Try alternative products

If you’re struggling with tampons, why not switch to pads or even a reusable menstrual cup? It’s important to use period care that works for you and your flow. Plus, by using a variety of period care, you can reduce any potential discomfort from extended tampon usage if you’re suffering. 

So, the myth that tampons can get permanently stuck in the vaginal canal is not based on factual evidence. Whilst there can be times where a tampon can cause discomfort and difficulty in removal, they should always be able to be retrieved safely. Understanding correct insertion techniques, changing them regularly and seeking medical advice when necessary are the key ways to ensure a worry-free experience during your period. 

As we always say, knowledge is power. So, empower yourself with accurate information, debunk the myths and make informed decisions that suit your individual needs. 

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